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Our commitment to building valuable assets for our customers promotes security as we help them rebuild their lives in the times of disaster. We understand this can be overwhelming, therefore we will assist you in a timely manner and do whatever it takes in getting you what you deserve to get you back in your home.


  • 24/7 Emergency Response
  • Emergency Board Up Protection
  • Consult w/insurance adjuster
  • Free Estimate Determination
  • Free Homeowner Damage Consultation


  • Unplug all electrical appliances.
  • Do not use any outlets or switches.
  • Remove salvageable items quickly.
  • Contact RCG for emergency board up.
  • Contact insurance agency.
  • Take plenty of pictures.



Attend To Family Welfare

Let me begin by say that RCG is sorry for your loss. Like my family, I know that your belongings hold many memories and are the very important to you. However, this process to getting back to normal will take some time, so first things first attend the welfare of your family.

The American Red Cross is available to help with food, clothing, and shelter if you are uninsured. If you have insurance, you will want to contact your insurance company immediately. Most homeowner’s insurance policies provide Additional Living Expenses for food and housing expenses while you are living elsewhere after a covered loss.

How Do I Secure My House?

You are responsible for protecting the property from further damage like vandalism and near unexpected weather. This can be done by having the property boarded up to prevent others from entering the property through broken windows or doors. Most insurance policies will provide coverage for this service, and many contractors are willing to bill your insurance company directly for this work.

However, please don’t hesitate to contact us to board up your property for you.

What Do I Do About My fire, smoke, and water Damaged Furniture?

Most insurance companies want to inspect the house and search for the cause of the fire or damage, so leave everything in place until the insurance company gives the ok to remove items. However, if the fire was minor; the quicker you get your contents items out of the water and start the cleaning process, the better chance you have of restoring them. Smoke is acidic and water can cause wood to swell and warp. For items you are very concerned about restoring, it is best to carefully remove them from the house, and start the cleaning and drying process to prevent further damage.

Who Will Contact Me?

Most homeowners want to hire a contractor quickly to start the repair process. So, you will be contacted by insurance restoration contractors offering their services. Unlike general contractors who only do new construction, or remodeling contractors, insurance restoration contractors specialize in repairing fire and water damaged properties. They must be skilled in the specific repair techniques required for this type of business so that you do not have lingering problems with smoke odor or hidden damage. Estimates are also different in that they must be carefully detailed for the insurance company. You want to hire a competent reconstruction contractor for your repairs. There is no rush in hiring a contractor immediately. Contrary to what you have been told by other contractors. You have plenty of time to hire a contractor because nothing can be done to your home until the insurance adjuster comes out , does an estimate and gets approval for the repairs from the insurance company. This process normally takes at least a week. Do not be rushed by the other contractors to immediately hire them. You have time to hire a competent reconstruction contractor like Royalty Construction. Some contractors will tell you they can start immediately even before the insurance adjuster comes out. If this is done before the claims report is completed by the insurance adjuster and there is a cost difference between the work done and the claims report, you as the homeowner can be held liable financially for any cost differences between the amounts. That is why it is best to hire a contractor after the insurance adjuster has come out and done and estimate. However, you can hire a contractor to meet with the insurance adjuster when they come out if you are overwhelmed with this entire process.

In addition to Restoration Contractors, you may also be contacted by Public Adjusters.

Who Are These Public Adjusters?

Public Adjusters or Loss Consultants charge either a direct fee or a percentage of the claim settlement for assisting you with your claim. Public Adjusters do not work for your insurance company, nor are the contractors. Beware of the scare tactics they use, and know their fees reduce the amount money left to actually repair your home after a fire. Please read the Consumer Alert published by the Attorney General of Texas at

Who Is The Insurance Adjuster?

Your insurance company will have one or more insurance adjusters contact you after your claim has been reported. Their job is to handle the different aspects of the loss and keep the costs as low as possible for the insurance company. Usually a loss is divided into three separate categories:

1. Structure or repairs to the house itself such as framing, sheetrock, paint, and flooring.
2. Contents including your personal possessions and any items not part of the hour structure.
3. Additional Living Expenses that may include temporary housing, food, clothing, allowances.

How Do I Choose A Contractor?

You, the homeowner are the only one who can hire a contractor for the repairs to your home. Be an informed consumer. Look for a contractor who specializes in insurance restoration work as they will know specifically how to deal with fire, smoke, and water damage. Be sure to ask about their warranty. It’s your choice who restores your home to its original or better conditions, so hire someone you trust.

Should I get an estimate from a Contractor?

You can get an estimate from a contractor before, during, or after the claims adjuster comes out. However, the claims adjuster determines the amount of the initial claim, not the Contractor. Once construction is started on your home the contractor may discover additional repairs, thereby increasing the claim, that the claims adjuster could not have seen with his/her naked eye. The initial claim amount is determined by the claim adjuster not by the contractor giving you an estimate.

Do I Get A Warranty?

Yes, you will receive the following warranties provide by Royalty Construction Group.

  • 1 year warranty on all materials provided in the repair of your home.
  • 2 year warranty on all Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC materials provided in the repair of your home.
  • 10 year warranty on all structural framing such as load bearing walls and roof structure provided in the repair of your home.

What About Using The “Preferred Vendors” Recommended By My Insurance Adjuster?

Again, choosing a contractor is your sole decision, not your insurance company’s decision. Often an insurance adjuster will recommend vendors who have worked for them, and tell you that their vendor has a better warranty, this is not always true, so please check the details. Keep in mind that an insurance adjuster’s job is to mitigate the loss, or keep the cost of repairs as low as possible. Choosing an insurance adjuster’s preferred contractor helps the insurance company keep the costs low. This will not be to your benefit. Also, the preferred vendor’s allegiance is to the insurance company rather than you, the homeowner. Choosing your own contractor assures that the contractor’s allegiance is to you. A good contractor’s goal is to rebuild your home to exactly how it was prior to the fire, and to make you a happy client. The cost of the work is agreed upon between the contractor and the insurance companies before repairs are started. You will not have to worry about paying anything out of pocket.

You decide-would you rather have your contractor working for you or your insurance company?

How Long Does This Entire Process Take?

From start to finish, this entire process of repairing your home will last approximately 3-6 months weather permitting. You should expect to live elsewhere during reconstruction. This is not an overnight process, but Royalty Construction Group will be with you every step of the way because we care.

Should I hire one contractor to do both furniture restoration and property reconstruction?

Some companies can do both restoration and reconstruction. However, like the old saying goes, never put all your eggs in one basket. Often times because of the workload, companies that do both loose personal belongings that are very important to you that are priceless such as pictures, family photo albums, and other precious valuables. So do not be pressured by companies that do both because your items can be lost or misplaced because of their workload.

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